Welcome to Mandu Festival

Over 5 days of celebration, you will discover Mandu like never before. The Ancient ruins, the 3000-year-old Baobab trees, the unspoiled villages, and their ethnic wall paintings and much more awaits you at the Mandu Festival.

​Imagine sleeping in a luxury tent or an intimate small tent under the stars in the tented colony at the Mandu Festival.


Imagine learning to print ancient forms of art like Bagh print from the tribals at the Mandu Festival.

​Imagine, Mandu's meandering roads lit up with a million lights as you have never seen before; light installations will be put up that will decorate Mandu and will become a photographers' delight.

By the way, the Mandu Festival will almost be traffic-free, which is rare. We invite you to experience hop-on-hop-off buses. Please make sure to bring along your walking/jogging shoes. You will park your vehicle at a designated parking lot and we will encourage you to discover Mandu by foot or with the hop-on-hop-off buses accompanied by the guide available to you free of cost.


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