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best government event of the year mandu

Outdoor Experiences

The Mandu Festival will wow you with outdoor experiences. We want you to literally look at and discover mandu in a variety of ways.

Cycling Tours

Register now to be part of cycle tours in the Mandu Festival. Experts will lead the cycling groups; you will stop at different points for unique experiences.

We will not tell you here what they are, but we promise you that you will simply love the activities we have planned on cycling tours. The seats are limited on each cycling tour, please register here right now and pre-book your seat.

Cycling in Mandu.jpg

Mandu Heritage Walk

At the Mandu Festival, we want you to be part of the walking tours. We will take you through an exciting historic trail that will leave you spellbound.

best government event of the year mandu

We urge you to carry your precious camera, do not forget to carry a cap, a water bottle, comfortable walking shoes, moisturizers, and suntan lotions; most importantly, carry a small notebook and a pen with you – KYA JAANE CHALTE CHALTE AAP KAUN SE NAYE KHOJ ME KHO JAOGE!

Instagram Tour of Mandu 

We not only want you to be at the Mandu Festival, but we want you to preserve the sights and sounds that you shall experience. We shall help you to capture memorable pictures of Mandu at the Mandu Festival. 


Oh Yes! We also have a contest, not just one for the best picture, the most number of pictures uploaded on social media and some more.


Bring out your precious cameras, quickly borrow good quality mid and long-range lenses from your friends and come to shoot Mandu at the Mandu Festival.

Malipur Horse Trail

Experience a horse ride in the pristine village of Malipur

Enjoy Tea and local breakfast.

Optional Fishing Experience

Morning Yoga

best government event of the year mandu

At the Mandu Festival, you should not ignore your health. Early morning, we shall be conducting yoga training sessions at Caravan Sarai along with Morning Ragas. Please carry with you your personal yoga mat and be in your comfortable clothes. 

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